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"Wraith of Love" is now available at Drive Thru Comics! Download it now! For more information on the comic book, go to Wraith Of Love! Currently hard at work on issue #2!


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Consider me Tarantion jacked up on estrogen.

I like to make things that don't fit the concept of what a woman creative would normally do. The biggest compliment I've ever gotten has been when someone says, "I didn't know a woman directed that" or "you're a woman and you created that?". 

I've won awards for the plays I've directed and had a film premiere at Comic-Con. I have published my first graphic novel, a dark, moody piece that will continue in that vein.

The plays and films and art I choose are not inside the norm and are not safe. I love works that explore and challenge our perception of the world. I love flawed characters. I love building the deeply personal stories that pulsate beneath the challenging.

Take a look around and see what you think.