Open Studio

Open Studio - Tuesday 3 - 9 pm

Open Studio is an uninstructed open time for students/artists/creators to come in and use the studio for their projects. Sometimes, we have projects that are too big for our home creative space so this open studio time will give students the space to work. An instructor will be present but only to advise as needed, not to instruct. 

Please bring any supplies you will need. Some basic art supplies will be available such as pencils and erases as well as a limited supply of paints.

Tables and chairs will be provided along with limited access to easels. 

No toxic chemicals allowed. Please be aware there may be other creators in the space so keep that in mind. If terpenoid is required for oil painting, please use odorless types. Smoking/vaping is not allowed indoors.

Snacks and water/drinks will be provided.
Open studio fee - $10.00 for unlimited time per day.

This charge is simple to cover operating costs of the studio and to provide some snacks and drinks