Art With Your Kid

Art With Your Kid - Thurs 4 - 5 pm or Sat 3 - 4 pm

Ages 5 - 15

This class is designed for parents/caregivers to bond with their child. 

For younger students, parents/caregivers can help their child with the project. For older students, the student and parent/caregiver can each work on their own project or work on a project together. The idea is for both students to enjoy the process and have fun working with each other. This is not a drop-off class - adult must be present for the class.

Projects range from drawing, painting, sculpting, papercraft.

Please dress your child in art-friendly clothes. Some of these projects can get messy!
Class Plans

Single class - $30 per class (for caregiver and child)
Monthly plan - $110 for 4 classes/monthly plan

Monthly plan is 4/5 classes per month depending on the month. If you register in the middle of a monthly cycle, plan can be pro-rated or adjusted.
Art With Your Kid