Susan Lee/Life On Its Side Studios

Susan Lee is a comic book creator, a fine artist, a writer, as well as the founder of “Women On The Dark Side”, a very popular panel at pop culture conventions.
Trained as an Impressionist painter, Susan has developed a wide variety of styles in multiple mediums. She specializes in portraits in oil, Copic marker and watercolor. Her favorite style is black and grey or black and white. Her comic book, “Wraith of Love,” was developed in black and white with the second issue being developed in black and grey.

Currently, Susan has focused her artistic aim at creating original “pop culture” watercolors because, after all, she is a big geek. Ask her about the MCU - as long as you have some time to spare. She has been teaching traditional art techniques to children and adults for more than a decade. 

Her newest illustrated book, “The Buddha Cat” is based on her awesome cat, Indiana Jones, and was written as she traveled across the country in her home-built teardrop trailer. She has also written several other books, including “Courage To Be Simple,” and “Shadow of the Knight.”

Susan loves to hang out with her weirdo cat, Indiana Jones, because every creative needs to have their familiar.