Fundamentals of Art

Fundamentals of Art - Thurs @ 6 pm or Sat @ 12:30 pm

Ages 12+

Basics of drawing class that teaches fundamental drawing skills, which can make any art you create better. Students progress at their own pace and receive individual instruction even within a group class setting.

The class begins with still life set ups that teach basic tools, observation, as well as breaking items into simple shapes. Students will work their up way through simple set ups to complex ones with multiple objects as well as complex objects.

After the drawing section is completed, students will move into working in tones, understanding how to add dark, medium and light tones to create depth and volume within their drawings. Charcoal and pastel will be used at this stage.

After the tone section is completed, students will combine all of these tools and knowledge into learning to drawing portraits using graphite and charcoal.

After the portrait section is completed, the student can choose which direction they'd like to take their studies into - painting (oil or watercolor), pastel, further figure studies, etc. It's all up to the student!

The fundamentals class can take from six months to a year to get to portraits. Timeline depends on consistent attendance, level of comprehension, and practice. 

Class Plans

Single class - $90 per class
Monthly plan - $324 per month (10% from single class price)

Monthly plan is 4/5 classes per month depending on the month. If you register in the middle of a monthly cycle, plan can be pro-rated or adjusted.
Fundamentals of Art